Closure Meeting of Modatop Project

On the 9th and 10th October, 2018, the closure meeting of Modatop project has taken place in the headquarters of the project promoter, Asecom, in Madrid.

Representatives of all partners have participated in this last international meeting with the aim to report about the last dissemination events taking place in all countries.

The meeting has been used to validate the final version of the products, which are accessible through the "results" section of this webpage, as well as to plan future lines of cooperation.


Modatop 4th transnational meeting

On the 21st and 22nd March 2018, the partners of the Modatop project met in Prague.

The purpose of this meeting was to review the progress of the project and provide feedback about the two main results of the project. Partners agreed on the final elements to be included and planned to finish the definitive versions in the coming couple of months.

During the meeting the strategy to disseminate and promote the products was discussed.


Modatop 3rd transnational meeting

Partners of the Modatop project met in Vicenza, Italy, on the 2nd and 3rd November to hold the third transnational meeting of the project.

Partners in charge of the two main products presented there the full specifications and initial prototypes. Project has completed the first year of work successfully.

Discussions about the testing phase of the project in the different countries for the coming months took place.


Modatop 2nd transnational meeting

Partners of the Modatop project met in Porto in May 2017 for the second transnational meeting of the project.

Modatop has completed the first part related to the identification and initial design of the tools to be produced.

These tools intend to support particularly the teachers of the VET centres and the tutors in the companies involved in the practical stages of students involved in dual VET systems.